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Treatment Fees

Our job is to track down and destroy the pathogens that are causing your condition. But please understand that tracking down the pathogens that are causing your condition is not something that can be done in a 10 minute appointment.

There are hundreds of possible pathogens that might be the cause of your condition (although in our experience the same ones keep turning up over and over again [see various papers on “the causes of…”]). It is because of this fact that we require approximately 2 hours for the initial consultation.

Obviously different people will have different numbers of pathogens causing their condition.

However, be assured that at the end of the initial consultation we will be able to give you:

a) a list of the pathogens that are causing your condition
b) an estimate of the time it will take to eliminate the pathogens found
c) a very good idea of the cost that treatment will be overall

But, be assured, if we can track down the pathogens causing your condition, we can kill them… if we can kill them then they can no longer cause your symptoms (as they are not there any more)… and, if they no longer cause your symptoms… you must (logically) get better.


Initial Consultation & Testing (2 hrs): £88
Follow-up Consultations: £40 (approximately 40-45 mins)
Remedies: £14-£28 each
Drainages: £24-£30 each

Take that first step to full recovery and reclaim your life…
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Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person