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Frequently Asked Questions

Does The Treatment Work?  
Of course we would say YES! However, we don’t expect you to take our word for it… please read the testimonials page to see how successful the treatment is.

How Long Before I Am Better?  
The reality is that (no matter what people say) there is no “Quick Fix” to curing your condition. Sometimes it only takes a few months but it can also take longer. How long it takes to complete the treatment depends on how long you have been ill and how many pathogens (e.g. viruses, bacteria, parasites etc) are involved.

However, once treatment begins you should notice positive changes fairly rapidly.

Note: at the end of the initial consultation you will be given an estimate of how long treatment is likely to take.

How Long Will a Consultation Take?  
The first appointment is for approximately 2 hours (we are very thorough). Subsequent appointments usually take between 30-45 minutes.

How Frequent are the Follow-Up Appointments? 
Usually every 4-6 weeks. However the programme of treatment is flexible and longer periods between follow-up appointments are possible. If you are one of the lucky people who have a very strong immune system, the time between appointments may be less.

How Much Will the Treatment Programme Cost?  
As you can image, every case is going to be different. Some patients will have many more pathogens involved than others. Some will complete their treatment in as little as three months while others can take up to a year and some will need longer.

The cost of your treatments will obviously depend upon how many pathogens are involved in your condition. However, at the end of your initial consultation, your consultant will be able to give you a more accurate indication of likely costs and length of treatment you will face.

Breakdown of Treatment Fees:
Initial Consultation & Testing (2 hrs): £88
Follow-up Consultations: £36
Remedies: £14-£28 each
Drainages: £24-£30 each

*see “Fees”

But remember,

**Please note that the fee for the initial consultation is not included.

Is The Treatment Clinic Programme Safe? 
The remedies used in the treatment programme are made from natural substances which undergo a process known as “potentisation” which makes it safe and non-addictive and, unlike allopathic medicines, is not tested on animals.

What If I am Already Receiving Treatment From a Doctor?  
A full medical history is always taken at the initial consultation as it often provides insights to the current situation you are facing. The course of treatment can be used safely alongside any other treatment you may be on.

Note: it is always best to advise both your GP and the clinic of any changes in medication.

Can I Take the Treatment Course if I Am on Other Medication?  
The treatment programme does not interfere with Prescribed Medicine.

Do I Have to Change My Diet When Taking the Treatment Course? 
The Treatment Course is not affected by your diet.

What is a “Healing Crisis” and Will I Experience One? 
In some cases one can experience a so called “Healing Crisis” when beginning a course of treatment. Actually, this is a good sign as it shows that the body’s own immune system has joined in the battle with the pathogens that are causing the problems – and beginning to win. Symptoms may include a general feeling of being unwell or having “flu-like” symptoms, of aching or feeling a bit nauseous and possibly the apparent worsening of your condition.

This is not particularly common, and does not usually last more than a couple of days.

However, if it does occur please call to discuss the best way forward as it is an easy situation to correct.

Where is the Clinic Based?
The Kaizen Clinic easily is accessible from anywhere in the UK (just of the M1 and A1) and less than an hour from London. 
Luton Airport is only 30 mins away by a direct train service to Bedford, and the Clinic is conveniently located in Bedford town centre, within walking distance (or a 2 minute taxi ride) of the train and bus stations. 

For those driving, there is a multi-storey car-park literally on the next corner.

The Kaizen Clinic
Mayfair House
Lurke Street
MK42 0BT
Tel: 01234 589848
Email: info@kaizenclinic.co.uk

Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person