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Allergy & Intolerance Testing

How Does Electronic Allergy Testing Work?

Electronic Allergy Testing (EAT) is the technique of testing for allergies and/or intolerances to all types of common materials and food-stuffs by measuring the electrical variance in your body when you come into contact with an allergen.

By first establishing your “Bio-Electric Norm” we can then easily isolate and confirm anything that might be causing you to have an allergic reaction whether they be hay fever, food stuffs, e-numbers & additives, clothing materials, washing powders, perfumes, deodorants, pets, environmental effects, in fact anything at all that might be causing you to suffer from allergic reactions including skin complaints, hay fever like complaints, rhinitis or any other symptomatic irritations.

What Does The Test Cover?

The standard test contains around 720 separate allergens.

At the end of the allergy test you will know:

a) what foods to eliminate from your diet
b) what materials of clothing you react to
c) what external allergens effect you
d) what washing powders, perfumes, shampoos, toothpastes, deodorants etc to avoid
e) whether you are truly ‘allergic’ or, in fact, showing symptomatic ‘hyper-sensitivity’ caused by some other problem (usually an infection).

We are also happy to test any individual products you might like to bring with you.

Who Can Have Electronic Allergy Testing?

As the skin is not punctured and NO physical reaction is experienced, Electronic Allergy Testing is ideally suited to all age groups and sensitivities including small children.

Full Allergy Test (720 Allergens): £95

Food Allergy Test (180 Allergens) £45

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Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person